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Server rooms are generally small rooms with a constant high heat load production. As such server rooms have unique requirements with respect to cooling: consistent ambient temperatures, minimal humidity and 24/7 air conditioner operation time.

As this is a very specialised area of air conditioning we work closely with the engineers on the projects. For maximum efficiency and to preserve the computer machinery, we need to calculate the exact heat load and cooling capacity required for each server room.

Brands of choice are: DAIKIN, LG, SAMSUNG, AIREDALE and HIROSS

Brands which offer "AUTO START UP ON POWER FAILURE" and "LOW AMBIENT CONTROL" are essential.

Special features of our server room/IT installations are highlighted in the following pictures:

  • The use of special custom made brackets to raise the condenser unit off the floor - preventing water and debris from collecting in and around your outdoor condenser unit
  • We do not perform "back to back" installations improving aesthetics and unit efficency
  • PVC trunking is used to conceal all piping (may be painted to match the wall colour)
  • All our systems are pressure tested (using nitrogen) and "vacuumed" before commissioning to check for leaks and remove inpurities from the piping

Maintenance and service contracts:

This can be offered on all server room/IT installations. It is recommended that all units are serviced regularly:

  • 6 monthly minor service: this entails filter cleaning and inspection of all working parts both in the indoor and outdoor units
  • Annual major service: this entails the above, plus pressure washing of indoor and outdoor coils with specialised cleaning agents


Gallery - server room/IT projects

Special features of our server room/IT installations are highlighted in the following pictures:

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